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TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM College Credit Courses Only Lenoir Community College P. O. Box 188 Kinston NC 28502-0188 Ph 252 527-6223 Fax 252 233-6895 NO TRANSCRIPT WILL BE ISSUED UNTIL ALL FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE COLLEGE HAVE BEEN SATISFIED. EXAMPLE PARKING TICKETS LIBRARY FINES OVERDUE BOOKS CAMERA EQUIP. ETC. CIRCLE ONE PICK UP MAIL FAX E-MAIL Please note Faxed E-mailed transcripts are not official* If faxing please provide name/department Fax Area Code If emailing please provide email...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing lenoir community college transcripts
Hi if you studied in Jane to Kakinadaand if you want to send your academictranscripts to Debbie Reyes andwondering what is the process to do thatand what to expect when you give to theUniversity this video is for you wellI've studied in a college that isaffiliated to Jane to Utah Kannada and Iwanted to send my W my documents to thevarious but I faced a few problems atthe University while trying to get theregistrar's signature on my academictranscripts so I want I decided to makea video and let everybody know what theprocess is and what to expect so thatyou will have a smooth applicationprocess so here we go first let's talkabout the things you need first of allyou'll need your academic transcriptssigned by the principal of the collegeyou attended as for the university'snorms you should have all your documentsto be Center WS signed by the principalof the college e studied in so go towebsite go to WS website see whattranscripts are required it's usually Imean it's usually a provisional degreecertificate or original degreecertificate with consolidated marks memobut I'm sending my provisional originaldegree certificate and consulted themaximum Oh along with all the yearlymarks list that I got I just wanted tomake sure that nothing goes wrong and ifWS raises any objections and I justwanted to make sure that they would notraise such objections so I'm sending allof them but if you if any of you havepreviously sent only CMM instead ofsending all the yearly academictranscripts just let me know in thecomments so that other people might knowabout thatand they'll know what to send exactly Imean it's clear from the website thatyou probably need to send degreecertificate with CMM but just in caselet's make it fair and four thing is Imean you need to get them signed by yourprincipal of the college is that it andthis is the important step so as for theuniversity norms like I said you need toget them signed by the principal so makesure that all your academic transcriptsby signed by the principal okay if youif they are not signed by the principalthe university does not accept thatplease keep that in mind and make surethat your academic transcripts are in afull-size paperokay I made a mistake of taking myacademic sorry my printing out myconsolidated maximum or in a three sizepaper thinking that if I sprint my CMMinto a4 size paper I thought that Iwould lose some detail on the marks butthe university rejects you guys at thewhat I mean examination so those who arein charge of things like this theyrejected my CMM saying that you knowthey don't accept a3 sized papers whichis ridiculous I mean it's watching thepeople that's important than the size ofthe paper but yeah that's what they wantso make sure that you get your academictranscripts printed on a4 size paper andsecond thing you need is academicrecords with Chris form by W EES you getthis...